Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Up and Running

Hello to All,

I am glad you stopped by to read my blog. This is my first entry, but definitely not my last. Since it is 4:00 a.m. and I have a veterinary appointment at 9:00, I won't make this post long. I just want to cover the basics to get you and me started on this wonderful journey together into gay awareness. Collectively, as a great society, we can educate and advocate for equality.

I am not sure how you found this page. Maybe you did a Google search and found this blog or my website, You also could have heard my internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio and discovered more about me from there. Whatever your method, it is a pleasure to be able to offer you more information on homosexuality. My goal is to give you a better understanding of our perspective.

Of course, your feedback is always welcome here. Feel free to email me with any comments, questions, or possible future show topics. My shows are recorded LIVE on Monday nights, if you are interested in participating in the discussion or chat, and are archived and downloadable. I also plan to add another page to my website devoted to giving advice to people in need of help. Currently, my "Questions/Advice" page consists of many questions, my response, and some additional links/numbers to other organizations that may better assist your needs.

I wish you all the best. Now I need to get some sleep.

:)The Gay Mentor


  1. Hey GayMentor~This is CBW. I was just checking out your blog. I wanted to let you know that even though I'm conservative in my ideology, I'm not an unreasonable or unkind. Just as there is more to me than my sexuality, I'm sure the same holds true for you. I am going to follow your blog and I invite you to add your voice to mine as you feel lead. Feel free to kick my butt if I get out of It was nice meeting you on Afronerd's show.

  2. Hello CBW,

    I want to thank you for your comment and your decision to follow me. It is people like you that inspire me on my journey of educating the public on gay issues. Most people, even those who may have had a "gay experience" in the past, do not really understand what it is that gay people are currently fighting for and why. I think many people believe we are seeking attention, or are trying to convert people to our lifestyle. I can't speak for every gay person, but that is not my agenda. The majority of us are only really concerned about equal rights and discrimination issues.
    I am honored that a conservative woman is interested in what I have to say as an individual, and I wish there were more people in the world like you. Of course, I am working on that. I believe as more people become aware that the old stereotypes of gay people are false, this world will move in the right direction. I appreciate your open-mindedness and hopefully, as a conservative, you will support equality for gay people.